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We prioritize enrollment based on the following:

1. Siblings of children already enrolled

2. Staff and community members

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- There is no charge to go on our waitlist.

- You do not need a tour to go on our waitlist, however we do suggest one prior to enrollment.

- Children on the waitlist are grouped by the month and the year the child is born and the date they go onto the list.

- When a space at ICDC becomes available, there is first an internal shuffle of children to facilitate movement/placement according to ages (eg. children graduating, infants moving to the toddler room etc.) Once all the internal movement has occurred, vacant spaces are then filled from the waiting list for the specific age group.

- Families must reply within 48 hours of being contacted by ICDC. Families may choose to accept (payment of the first month  and $50 registration fee is required in full within 48 hours of acceptance) or decline the placement.

- If a spot is declined or there is no reply, we will continue to offer the spot to the next eligible child. We continue this process until the spot has been filled.

- If a family has declined a space 3 times ICDC will permanently remove the applicant from the waitlist.

- If there are any changes to your contact information, or if you have placed your name on the waitlist before your child is born, please notify us right away so we can update your information.

- Please contact ICDC annually to confirm you would like you child to remain on the waitlist. We continuously review the waitlist for enrollment and remove names who have not been in contact with ICDC.

- Please remember going on the waitlist is NOT a guarantee of space. We try our best to make space and availability for as many families as possible.

Please fill out form and submit we will confirm once received

NOTE: filling out the enrollment/waitlist form DOES NOT guarantee you a space. We will contact families when space becomes available.

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